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Beginner Horse Riding Lessons 

Horse Riding

DATES:  Starting, May 2023  TIMES: Ask what day/times are available?

PLACE: Harmony Farm Rice Lake, Hannah Road, Bailieboro, Ontario

INSTRUCTOR: Krystyna Nelson

6 WEEK PROGRAM: 1 Lesson per Week

                               Discounted Price: 10% off our normal price of $75 per lesson. You pay only $405.00.

                                                                        That's only $67.50 per lesson!

For Empowerment

You Will:

  • Take back your power

  • Find serenity within yourself, love you and live in the now

  • Be true, be authentic, be you

  • Head towards Empowerment

You Will Also:

Program DetailS:

  • Individual and two people class sizes for optimal learning

  • Engage in a rewarding partnership

  • Learn how being centred helps your balance

  • Understand what your horse is saying

  • Learn walk, halt and trot

  • Enjoy exercise and kinetic energy

  • Say "Hi" to our Miniature Horses

  • Take home a gift from us at the end of your program

  • Enjoy exercising your body and brain in a gorgeous outdoor setting

  • Be encouraged to seek what you want

  • Enjoy the scenic sights of Bailieboro

  • Be in a setting of Empowerment


This is YOUR time!

 Schedule your FREE consultation today.

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