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 CHANGE what you can

Welcome To Equinemity Empowerment!

Here at Equineimity Empowerment, we help improve the lives of women living with stress, boundary issues, misunderstandings in communication, lack of self-esteem, low motivation, over-tiredness. We offer life skills to understand how to improve your communication skills, hone into your relationships, increase your motivation, feel confident and have leadership empowerment at home and in the workplace.


Our mission here is to help you have a better quality of life, by allowing you to have fun and learn how to make the best of your situation - so that you can let go of what you cannot change and change the things you can.


Because the frustration of being blocked prevents you from a fulfilling life, we help you adjust your way of thinking through skills development programs working beside horses.


Allowing you to access the gift of being present and living a full and satisfying life!


Join our Women's Empowerment Programs and be the YOU that you love and admire.

Helping Neurological Sufferers

Weekly Life Skills Program

We are a Holistic Farm that has been around for over 26 years, based at Harmony Farm Rice Lake.


We present a serene environment for women to visit and enjoy our programs and harmonious horses & ponies. We are excited and humbled to be able to offer you an amazing experience that will energize and invigorate you.

We specialize in working with women who seek empowerment, looking to improve your quality of life and further develop your everyday life skills. Our Equine Assisted Learning programs encourage you to be healthier, happier and become the person you deserve to be.


Our Women's Empowerment programs & workshops will help you live your life the way you want and get you back onto a path of balance!

Life Skills Programs For Neurological Sufferers

Workshops For Women

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